The revolutionary BBQ cooking grate accessory which enhances your food!

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Pellet Grills

Two Ways to Use GrillGrates on Pellet Grills

  1. Buy Standard / Universal GrillGrates to lay on top of existing grates
  2. Buy Longer lengths for large barbecues, either lay on top or replace existing grates

There is a GrillGrate for any barbecue, which can be used as a replacement grate or replacement cooking grid or even as a bbq accessory. Our straight GrillGrates fit the Green Mountain pellet grill, Taeger pellet grill, Joder pellet grill, Rössle pellet bbq, GrillGuru pellet grill, Oklahoma smoker and many more. Rather than buy a new weber cooking grate - buy GrillGrate. The Hard Anodized GrillGrate is far superior to any stainless steel cooking grids, they will last far longer whilst conducting the heat more evenly - you will even use less gas on a gas barbecue because of this. And think about the beautiful searmarks on your food!