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It's always good to accessorize! Grillgrate specially made accessories make everything easier because of their perfect fit. For grilling , cleaning and more!



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  1. GrillGrate The GrateTong

    The GRillgrate GrateTongs. - Innovative New Design - Part GrateTool, Part Tongs - Lift, Don’t Scrape! - Flip your food more confidently
  2. Grillgrate GrateBrush

    Easy to use cleaning brush for your GrillGrates
  3. GrillGrate Grate Valley Brush

    Using a Grate Valley Brush, you can clean your GrillGrate even better. Thanks to the two headed brush, you can easily clean both sides of the GrillGrate rails. You can even clean the hardest dirt parts.
  4. GrillGrate GrateTool

    Thanks to the GrateTool it is easier to turn or serve your delicious products. Which previously a hamburger could fall apart while turning, is now history. The GrateTool is the perfect tool in combination with GrillGrate.
  5. GrillGrate Grate Hat

    The official GrillGrate cap. 

  6. GrillGrate bag

    The official GrillGrate Bag.
  7. GrillGrate Scraper

    Handy little tool to help clean those hard to reach places on your GrillGrates. Perfect for maintaining the interlocking joints where carbon tends to accumulate. Also works really well at keeping the holes in the GrillGrates open. For occasional use on the tops of the rails for removal of those stubborn little bits a grill brush won't remove. Works really well for detailing under your GrillGrates on places such as the fire box, flame tents and drip pans. 11" wooden handle with 2" stainless steel scraper. Leather hanging strap.


7 Item(s)