The revolutionary BBQ cooking grate accessory which enhances your food!

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Grill Grate Kit - Two 19.25" (48.9cm) Panels + Free GrillGrate Tool

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Grill Grate Kit - Two 19.25" (48.9cm) Panels + Free GrillGrate Tool
Two 19.25" Panels Form a 19.25" x 10.5" Surface. Includes the GrateTool and User Guide.

These grids can be used at any barbecue. Look at the sizes for the perfect fit. The GrillGrates can be placed on the old grids or used as new GrillGrates.The grill enhances the heat and is guaranteed for tender and juicy meat. In addition, you also get that nice stripes on your meat. Also suitable for preparing fish, pizza and vegetables.



Large 20" Long GrillGrates for Big Grills, Pits, Flat Tops and Charbroilers.  Restaurants are discovering GrillGrates too.


  • Raised Rail Design
  • Protection from Charring Flare-ups
  • Juices sizzle back into the food instead of feeding the flames
  • Great for Pizza, Fish, and Vegetables
  • Hard Anodized is 2x harder than stainless steel, will never rust and cleans easily
  • GrillGrates season with use




Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and then hard anodized to a create a surface hardness that is twice that of stainless steel. Will never rust and seasons with use. The GrateTool is included. Easily add additional panels at any time. GrillGrates are made in the USA, The GrateTool is imported from China. Patent Pending.